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Health & Social Care

Courses available

All Wales Manual Handling Passport

This course is mandatory in the care sector and ensures that staff are equipped with the knowledge and practical skills to undertake the safe handling and repositioning of residents


All Wales Induction Framework Masterclass

These sessions are aimed at individuals who have had previous comprehensive training in the subjects and just need a refresher/ update.
The course covers - Health & Safety (Legislation, Risk assessments, COSHH, Infection prevention, Fire Safety); Safeguarding, MCA & LPS; Dementia; Falls Awareness; Medication; Pressure sore Awareness
They can be delivered individually as half day day courses (basic training), as a 2 day refresher course, or in a combination of 3 sessions of your choice as a 1 day refresher course.

Autism Awareness

This session will give participants an understanding of Autism and the impact it has on the individual. the main focus of the session is effective communication and positive behaviour support


Conflict Management

This course provides the skills and confidence needed to professionally deal with angry or emotional individuals. 
The goal is to equip the participant with the skills to turn a potential confrontation into a meaningful conversation.

Communication and Record Keeping

This session is designed to give participants an understanding of what is effective communication and how to overcome barriers to communication.
It covers the importance of good record keeping, reporting, storage of information and Confidentiality

Dementia awareness.png

Dementia Awareness

Dementia awareness will enhance skills in providing person-centred support for individuals living with the condition.

This unique format format of the understanding behaviours in dementia allows participants to explore effective ways of interacting and communicating with individuals, given varied stages of dementia - even when behaviours that challenge are displayed.

There are 3 levels of training -

Dementia Awareness - 3 hours session

Dementia Behaviours - 6 hour session

Dementia -Enabling Care - 10 hour session



This course enables participants to gain an understanding of the Mental Capacity Act and the Liberty Protection Seafeguards  and how it can effect workplace practice


Falls Awareness

This course enables participants to understand the impact of falls on an individual and the service. 
We will explore factors that increase the potential of falls including physical and emotional state and the environment.

Person Centred Care

We will explore how person centred care puts people and their families at the centre of any care and support decisions or interventions.
content includes assessments and support planning through to provision of care.


Relational Security

Secure Mental health settings are complex, and they place unique demands on staff. There is an expectation for staff to manage serious risks and maintain the right balance between care and security.
This course looks at the relationship between professional boundaries, security and behaviour

Safe use of bedrails

This course enables participants to gain an understanding of the dangers of using bedrails and the importance of effective risk assessments.


Safeguarding of Adults

This is a mandatory course for individuals working in the care sector and is aimed at those working with adults at risk

Safeguarding of children

This course enables participants to gain a better understanding of how to identify the signs of child abuse, the procedures to follow, good practice guidance and responsibilities

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